Conference Room

Rules and Regulations of renting Conference Room of DDS
The rental fees of DDS conference room has been fixed at the following rates :
Sl. No. Name of the Space Duration Time Amount in BDT
01 DDS Conference Room Half Day 10.00 am– 01.00 pm/2.00 pm-5.00 pm 5000.00
02 DDS Conference Room Full Day 10.00 am – 05.00 pm 8000.00
Terms and conditions:
01. Space rent to the extent of 100% is to be paid in advance only by cross cheque in favor of Chairperson, Department of Development Studies at least seven days ahead of the scheduled date.
02. DDS will provide the Public Address System and Multimedia Screen as complementary.
03. In case of supply of Multimedia Projector by DDS, an additional BDT 2000 will be charged.
04. Number of total participants and names of chief guest/special guest/ Chairperson etc. have to be submitted three days earlier.
05. Compensation will be charged for any damage or loss of equipment or property of DDS.
06. Eating and smoking are strictly prohibited in the conference hall. If the participants are to be entertained at all, food may be given to them in packet and they can have their foods at the Lobby outside the Conference room.
07. The renter should take care and keep the conference room and lobby neat and clean.
08. A.C will be turned on 30 minutes before the program starts.
09. Extra rent will be charged at the rate of BDT 1000 per extra hour beyond the scheduled time.
10. In case of cancellation or alternation of program, DDS authority will have to be informed at least 72 hours ahead of the starting time fixed for your program, otherwise 50% of the rent will be deducted in favor of DDS.
11. The authority of DDS reserves the rights to cancel any booking without any prior explanation.