Ebney Ayaj Rana

Phone: +8801725052815

Ebney Ayaj Rana is a lecturer at the Department of Development Studies in the University of Dhaka.

He holds a Bachelor's and a Master's in development studies with a development economics major. Prior to joining the Department, he worked for Innovations for Poverty Action (IPA), Bangladesh, as a project assistant, and the Unnayan Onneshan as a research associate. He is currently teaching Public Finance, Agricultural Economics, and Project Management at the undergraduate level and Environmental Economics at the graduate level. In addition, he is an affiliated research associate at the Centre on Budget and Policy in the University of Dhaka, serves in the Unnayan Onneshan as an adjunct researcher, and provides consultancy services for the Asia Foundation and Rahimafrooz Renewable Energy Limited. 

Ebney Ayaj Rana's current research focuses on public economics, political economy of development, and agricultural and resource economics. His research papers have come out in various national and international academic journals.